Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Updo With Bangs

Here we have two variations of a similar updo hairstyle, worn by up and coming celebrity actress, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

One of which is a messy loosely fitted bum and the other is much more sleek with plenty of extra product and hold.

Both hairstyles are highly focused on the bangs.

The January Challenge

Chris is heading to the Dominican Republic in two weeks with his parents and 2 sisters. Yours truly is staying at home with the kids in the cold. The idea for Chris to join his family on this trip was cooked up while I was off galavanting in CA with my girlfriends. Thus we come to the one downfall of Mommy Time. Somehow Daddy thinks he deserves equal, if not more, Daddy Time.

You may recall that Chris and his sisters were the ones who recently did a triathlon together. The three of them are often creating competitions involving working out, the most recent of which, when asked if I wanted to participate, a "yes" came out of my mouth. Still not sure how that happened. Anyway, this brings us to the January Challenge. This past Monday marked 3 weeks until the big trip, and the start of the January Challenge. In 3 weeks, the goal is to go the distance of 100 miles. One can bike, run on the treadmill, and do the elliptical. The only stipulation is that no more than 50 miles can be done on the bike.

Before I really knew what was involved, I asked Chris to talk numbers. Basically, we'd have 19 days to do 100 miles, meaning, that if you were to go to the gym all 19 days, you'd have to do a minimum of 5 1/4 miles per day. Now, I have been doing pretty well at going to the gym for the past 4 months, but I am not about to go to the gym for 19 days straight. That's just crazy! So, on Monday I started in on this challenge and let me tell you, it is HARD! I ran 4 miles the other day and then tacked on a few more with the bike. Today I did the elliptical for 6 miles and it took me an hour and a half! But, I am happy to report that I am getting in over 5 miles per day! The hardest part isn't necessarily in the physical exertion, but the fact that running on the treadmill is so boring! Thank goodness for iphones/ipods/tvs, etc!

A Very Merry

We had a great Christmas day, complete with a visit from Santa! It only took us about 2 hours to open all of our gifts. Once Samantha opened up her new cleaning trolley, she was not interested in opening any more gifts! We spent most of our time watching Avery and Samantha play together, which really means that they were running around chasing each other! In the evening we enjoyed dinner with the extended Spiegel Family, and no Valentine holiday would be complete without a karaoke competition (to be won by the Valentine's of course!)

Jake must be tuckered out from Santa's visit
Samantha and Avery reading in their Christmas PJs
Samantha plays with her presents (cleaning trolley, kitchen, and baby highchair)
The Valentine Family
Daddy, Jake, and Sammy
Mommy, Jake, and Sammy
Mommy and Sammy
Chris, Jake, Emily, Sammy

7 Months!

Today is New Years Eve and also Jake's 7 month birthday! 7 months! Jake is a boy on the move these days! He is rolling all over the place, and scootching side to side and backwards. He is definitely getting ready for the next phase of crawling. Jake continues to be quite the eater, which is evidenced by those cheeks, and the fact that I am sure he weighs more than Samantha! Jake is very chatty, especially when he is eating, and of course he is happiest when his belly is full! We are starting to let him cry it out a bit when we put him down for bed. I am not sure how we ever managed to do this with Samantha, especially since she was our first. For some reason, I am having a much harder time with Jake crying it out. Maybe because in the back of my mind I am worried that he will wake up Samantha. Chris is much more level headed about the crying. I find I just have to go to an area of the house where I can't hear the crying and let him deal with it! We are going to have to start looking for a new car seat in the new year. Jake is just getting too big for the infant carrier, and it takes quite the arm strength to carry him around in the seat! Potentially taking both Jake and Samantha out of regular car seats posses problems, but we'll have to deal with them eventually! I love that the infant carrier allows me to put him down on the ground if need be. I think we may have to resort to the stroller more often for Jake once he's out of the infant carrier!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Farewells in 2009

The year 2009 has been quite a remarkable one. We have all gone through many triumphs and defeats, joys and sorrows, celebration and mourning. No Slippy Hair Clippy itself has experienced many blessings and challenges this year, and we are very grateful to all of you who have trusted us with your little angels' hair and made us a part of your lives.

As we look back at the year that is soon drawing to a close, I am reminded of the many people whom I have grown up to admire that we recently lost. One that particularly struck me was of course, the death of Michael Jackson. I am not as devoted as his millions of his fans all over the world, but I did grow up with his music. His songs, whether you are a fan or not, did define our generation. And it is undeniable that Michael was a man of many, many, many talents. One of the very few that our music industry has ever known, if you ask me.

A reminder to all of us to live life to the fullest like these popular figures, and hopefully leave a legacy that is just as lasting. Yahoo! gave a rundown of some of the celebrities we had to bid farewell to this year and you may see the full article here.

Cheers to the year that was and the year that is to come!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Earnshaw's Magazine Feature

How did 2009 turn out for you? I hope it was just as lovely as it has been for us here at No Slippy Hair Clippy! Thanks to you, of course, for the continued support :)

Here's one more thing that makes us very grateful: a feature in Earnshaw's Magazine's November-December 2009 issue!

Make sure to check it out! Happy new year everyone! Cheers to 2010!

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas with the Valentine's and one thing is for certain, it was a full house! Obviously we were there with our kids, and Melissa, Kara, Josh and Avery were all in town as well! Here are some photos from Christmas Eve.

Josh reads to Samantha and Avery while they snack:
Samantha, Jake, and Avery all dressed in their clothes for church:

Papi and Mammo with the grandkids:

Chris, Sammy, Emily, Jake:

Jake and the Elf:

Megan Fox Ponytail

Here we have the dashing celebrity actress Megan Fox, looking exceptional as always while sporting a sleek straight long ponytail hairstyle.

Pretty basic, easy casual hairstyle, yet it looks some amazing.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun...

Ahh the week after Christmas... You are either too bloated with that Christmas dinner (or dinners, if you're very friendly!) to get out of bed, not-so-bloated and on your way to your post Christmas celebrations, thrilled with the gifts you received, disappointed with the gifts you received, glad it's over, sad it's over... Whatever mood you are in right now, I know that after all that hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas day, you deserve a little break!

As you contemplate the remaining days of this fabulous year, here's something fun you can do. I found a really cool site called that's chockfull of games that girls (or girls-at-heart!) would enjoy. You can choose from adventure games, makeover games, dress up games, puzzle games... All short, simple and sweet but a whole lot of fun!

My current favorite is called The Devilish Hairdresser, where you get to play a rather naughty hairstylist (oh come on, girly games don't always have to be so girly!) Just be careful that the Angelic Hairstylist doesn't catch you messing up any hairdos! Good for laughs!

Think you can make the cut? Click here!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Simply Sensational Reviews

The gifts just keep on coming :) We got not just one, but TWO great reviews! This time, it's from the lovely ladies at, who recently tried out our headbands on their little ones. Here's an excerpt of what they had to say:

"I loved these headbands. They stayed put on my busy toddlers' heads. The first time they wore them, we went to church. Afterwards, the headbands were still in place. When my girls were babies, I never used headbands. I didn't like the elastic tight feeling that most baby styles have. These were soft, not tight fitting and I would have loved to had these for my girls hair. If you're looking for that special occasional headband or a few for everyday use, then check out the site. The prices are a little more than what I generally would pay for a headband, but you are paying for quality. These will last you and you will not be disappointed. There are many of their products that I can put on my wish list." --Kim

You can read the rest of her review here.

"These headbands live up to their No Slippy name and claim, for the most part. CJ's hair is a bit finer than K's and the headband does have to be repositioned more often but the clippies stay put no matter who's head they are on. R has a hard time pulling the clips out; they are so soft that she doesn't even seem to notice them in her hair. I plan to purchase more of this product in the future and CJ has already circled her requests in the flyer we received in our package." --LM Harris

Check out the rest of her review here. These moms have a pretty cool site!

Thanks so much, ladies! :) We are thrilled that you and your girls loved our headbands!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


We have a winner!!!

Congratulations to Modesty Lyman of Nauvoo, IL for being the lucky gal to win No Slippy Hair Clippy's $25 gift certificate giveaway :)

Check out the results here.

The promo ran until December 24 and we received a good number of entries. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

Keep a lookout for more of our clippy promos, okay? A lot more loveliness is in store for all of you!

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is a festival that cherishes love and romance. The festival falls on February 14 every year and is celebrated in several countries across the world including US, UK, Canada, Japan, France, China and India. Though the festival commemorates the martyrdom of a Christian saint called St Valentine, the festival as it is celebrated today has little religious significance. In present times, Valentine's Day has assumed a secular and global flavor and is celebrated by people of all ages and races.

Another noticeable factor in Valentine's Day celebration of present times is that the festival celebrates love in all its forms and is not just restricted to romantic love. People therefore exchange Valentine's Day greetings with their parents, teachers, siblings, friends, sweethearts or anyone special or close to them. The commonest way of expressing love on Valentine's Day is through exchanging cards, flowers and chocolates.

Valentine's Day Celebration
Valentine's Day is celebrated in a big way in several countries across the globe. Days before the festival markets wear a festive look. Shops selling gifts and cards are especially decorated with Valentine's Day symbols of roses, hearts, cupids and lovebirds. Aggressive marketing campaign by cards and gift marketers create hype for the festivals. On February 14, the spirit of love pervades the very atmosphere. One can find couples thronging parks, restaurants, malls and multiplexes holding hands and expressing love for each other.,0.jpg

Valentines Day Cakes

Valentines Day Gift for Girlfriend

Valentine's Day Festival bring with it the opportunity to express heartfelt feelings to your sweetheart. The occasion is even more special for those who have not yet declared their love. The best way to tell your girlfriend about your feelings is to say it with a bunch of roses and a thoughtful Valentine's Day card. To overwhelm your beloved with love you may also indulge her with cute Valentine's Day Gifts. Here are some Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for girlfriends to trigger your imagination and creativity:

Stuffed Toys
Girls love to receive cute and huggable stuffed toys from their beau. Gift her a stuffed animal or any of her favorite cartoon character and she will always cherish it as a gift from you.

Chocolates and Cakes
You may indulge your girlfriend with delectable and yummy chocolates and cakes on Valentine's Day. You may enjoy this gift together and have a good time.

Jewelry and Clothes
Jewelry like bracelets, necklace sets, rings are an all time favorite gift of ladies. If you are sure about preferences and size of your girlfriend you may also gift her trendy and fashionable clothes.

LED Watches:




Heart Pendant: