Friday, July 1, 2011

Valentine is coming soon

Valentine is coming soon
February is cool for love
Guys, Girls give … at noon Chocolates or Roses
All falling in love Happy All Day

Be My Valentines

You mean so much to me
You make me happy
Can't you see?
I love your smile
I knew this would last for more then a while
I love you
Even when I was blue
You are my sunshine
So won't you be my Valentine?

"What is Romance?"

What is romance?
Is it when I give you flowers?
When I give you a gorgeous dinner?
Or is it when I simply say,
I love you.

"I Love You"

There is no silence in my heart,
when I'm in love.
There is not tears from my soul,
no longing or hatred --
only passion, love and romance.
When I'm with you,
this is how I am.
I love you.

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