Saturday, July 31, 2010

14 Months?!?!

14 months ago today, Jacob was born! 14 months! 14 months was how old Samantha was at the time when he was born! I look at him today and just can't believe how much she was still a baby when he was born! I still look at both of them today and say they are both still my babies! Of course they probably always will be my babies, but at some point even if I think they are still my babies, they really won't technically be babies. If I call them my babies, there will be a day when they will say "MOM you are embarrassing me!" I am not sure why Jake turning 14 months feels so monumental to me, but for the past several weeks I have been lamenting how he is almost the age that Samantha was when he was born and now here he is; 14 months!
At 14 months Jake has got this walking thing down! However, there are time when he is so excited to get somewhere fast that he just falls down a lot because his balance just doesn't keep up with how fast he wants to go! He is a climber...always on the stairs, trying to climb up on everything. Jake wants to get into doors, drawers, and anyplace else that he can get his little hands. There is a formal living room here at the in-laws that is barricaded off by potted plants and a table of sorts. For the past year Samantha has pretty much stayed out of that room and not been curious to go in except when she is permitted to play the piano in that room. Jake on the other hand runs over to that side of the house, drops down to his knees and crawls right between the big potted plants, right into the living room.
The other day I was stuck with my head over the toilet bowl (a completely different story) and couldn't even think about what my kids were doing when I couldn't be watching them, when all of a sudden I heard the pounding of little hands on the piano. I had been detained in the bathroom for no more than 5 minutes (which seemed like an eternity) and they managed to get themselves into that room!
In a nutshell, you must have your eyes on Jake at all times. He is very active. And just the cutest little boy! He is all about giving open mouth kisses these days. He is also on the verge of saying so many words! Jake knows that a duck says "cack cack" and a sheep says "AAAHHH". When we tickle Jake we say "tickle, tickle, tickle" so he also is saying "ticka ticka ticka" all of the time. It's like his mantra! Jake will eat anything you put in front of him (except for eggs, which aren't a favorite). His eating style is to chew, chew, chew, and then push it all back out of his mouth. This makes for quite a messy child at the end of eating time. We still haven't quite found a bib that can stand the test of Jake at meal time!