Saturday, July 31, 2010


Kara and Avery came into town last weekend and we had a blast with all 3 kids. Somehow all three are quite laid back and very sweet until someone tries to take something they want and then LOOK OUT! While they may look cute and innocent, these three have LUNGS! (especially Avery, but my 2 aren't totally out of the woods on this one!) There were a few time outs because sharing proved to be a little difficult. Samantha and Avery are now at the point where they were able to play together and they had conversations that we had no idea what they were talking about, but apparently they knew exactly what was going on. For those who are curious, Avery is 6 months younger than Samantha and 8 months older than Jake! Here's a recap of the visit with a few photos!
Samantha and Avery had fun bouncing on this inner tube.
Jake kept getting bounced right off and had to keep climbing back on:

Spending some quality time with Uncle Johnny at MaryEllen's lake:

Hammock swinging with Daddy/Uncle Chris:

A rare family photo:

Sammy and Avery swimming at the Vickerelli's: