Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Liz Haley

SAME SPHERE: never meeting

Perhaps now, comfort is in the privacy of your own virtual identity. In a time where life is performed in front of a camera broadcasting the minute details of daily personal activities, are people revealing more or less? Is the increased fervor for virtual connection a somber echo in the skies of an increasingly ailing society or is the need satiating a long overdue reminder that people the world over are strikingly similar? With technology so pervasive, this unique era brings to light many questions of community, isolation, authenticity and "connection." Are these imagined structures of community an invasion or complement to the natural world?

Liz Haley is a Portland-based artist. She works in video, installation, photography and performance to investigate among other things: progress, quantum physics, meteorology, privacy and love. Haley's work has been exhibited in the Taipei Biennial, Miami Museum of Contemporary Art, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art/TBA Fest and in New York at Hallwalls and Anthology Film Archive.

Please join us for First Thursday, September 2nd

DJ OBGYN and DJ Gordon Organ (Jen and Josh) will be on hand for a rare DJ team up from 9pm on into the wee hours. We're looking forward to this and hope you can make it!

*This show was originally shown at Pushdot Gallery in May. Due to a cancellation in the art calendar we are graced to be able to show SAME SPHERE: never meeting again here at Valentines.

Wednesday: The New Dadz!

15 Months!

Today Jake is 15 months old! The highlight this month is that we have words! Well, technically, Jake has words, but it feels like we've been waiting forever to hear him saying some words! In addition to Dada (first official word) and Mama, we now have cookie! What is it about those cookies? Jake also says bye-bye (with enthusiastic waving) and tank-oo (thank you). Jake is one the verge of many words; I often think, did I just hear that word? Some words that are in the works are shoe, mammo and ball. I just can't wait to hear how he says Sammy! Jake may not be expressing himself with lots of words yet, but he sure does have the receptive part of language down. He will go get his shoes if you ask him to bring them to you. I brought McDonald's home for lunch today as a post-zoo treat, and when I was getting lunch together on their plates Jake came running into the kitchen when I asked if he wanted some french fries!

What I loved about Samantha at this age was that she was so curious about her environment, and was just so into playing with toys, that it made entertaining her while taking care of a newborn that much more easy. Jake is the same way, but is into things in a little bit different way than Samantha was. It seems like every day we have to move something or put a cabinet lock somewhere because Jake has found a new way to explore!

We aren't quite yet seeing the light at the end of the bottle tunnel. Contemplating doing the cold turkey option with the bottles, but yet I keep giving Jake a bottle. It is awfully hot and I don't want him to get dehydrated! We did do away with the sleep sack over the weekend and so far it is working out pretty well. One night we went to check on Jake and he was sleeping on his blanket, but another night he actually was covered by it! What I will say about the sleep department is that I set my alarm for 6am this morning, hoping to wake up and take a shower before either child was up for the day. This morning my plan actually worked. I was showered and dressed before Jake woke up! That was today. I am smart enough to realize that might not happen again!

Monday, August 30, 2010

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Grey Aliens are a new rock and roll outfit from such art collectives as The Oregon Painting Society and such bands as The Slaves and Golden Retriever. We can't wait to see what this next wave of sound splash feels like...? Along with some of our faves in town, ASSS and another great new band, The Desert Moans (Ben from Above Snakes and Sage R!), this is looking to be an amazing show. Please come.

*Please note: This show starts at the regular ol' Valentine's 9pm time. Not to be confused with 8pm. Thanks!



( m e m b e r s o f F l e s h t o n e )

M O N D A Y , A U G U S T 3 0 T H





Let's Go Bluefish!

It has been mentioned before that we spend a lot of time with the Lobans. Today we headed to the local minor league baseball stadium to watch the Bridgeport Bluefish. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their first baseball game! On the way to the game Samantha wanted to know when we were going to get to have a catch. We had to explain that we wouldn't actually be playing catch, but would be watching two teams play baseball. I think initially she was disappointed, but the fun and excitement of the day won her over.

The Gang

View from our seats!

Mommy's favorite photo of the day
Samantha was really excited to see the Bluefish, and seemed very excited to go give the fish a high five and a hug. Much like the characters on Sesame Street, she changed her tune once she was actually near the Bluefish. She cried upon her first meeting, but still wanted to go up to the Bluefish later in the day. At this meeting, but Bluefish walked right into a trash can, knocking it over, making a lot of noise; once again, scaring Samantha. Way to go Bluefish! Yet, as we were leaving, I asked Samantha what her favorite part of the game was and she responded "the Bluefish!"

Cheering on the team

Announcing the starting line-up:
Lead-off hitter - Noah



Clean-up - Sammy

Don't forget the 3rd base coach!

Chris, Ethan, Amanda, Noah

Jake, Chris, Emily, Sammy

We all had a great day filled with fun with friends, fun with food, and even fun with the Bluefish! Samantha and Jake also had a great time in the Kidzone, ripping it up in the bounce house. Samantha even tried her hand at some t-ball and she hit the ball every time! Look out; here comes our slugger! Oh, and lest I forget; at the end of the game, all kids get to go out and run bases. Our kids were the last 3 to run the bases, and of course, they couldn't just run the bases. It was very clear that parents were not to go on the field; especially the grass. Chris go to go out to run with Jake. The rest of us stood on the side and watched them make their way around the bases. At 2nd base, Samantha and Ethan decided to take a sharp left straight for the pitchers mound, at which point 3 Bluefish staff started making a run for them. The staff would run one way, the kids would run another; all on the grass of course. The woman in charge of letting people on the field asked Christian and I if those were our kids. After debating for only a second, we admitted to the fact, and were told her go on the field to fetch our kids! Samantha and Ethan are getting quite the rap as trouble makers! Samantha shed lots of tears when it was time to go, protesting that "I don't want to go home!"

Friday Friends

We spend a lot of time with the Loban's, but our standing date is Friday pizza night! It's a love hate relationship with Samantha and Ethan. As Amanda did report, there was a little biting incident, but it was mostly love in the air this past Friday.

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Trash Day

This week we headed to the local Garbage Museum to beat the rain. We roped a few friends (Ethan, Noah and Anna) into joining us on this new adventure. The Museum ended up being a huge hit; the kids were all mesmerized watching the trucks push all of the recyclables into a big hole to then be sorted (some by actual people!) Samantha and Ethan were enjoying their time together in the museum, exploring the "tunnel of trash", and getting a tad loud with their vocalizations. One of the women who is in charge came to tell the two of them that they needed to be more quiet. Amanda and I looked at each other and I think we actually did a collective eye roll. They are kids being kids!

Sammy and Ethan climb the trash fence:

Jake and the trashosaurus:

Sam, Jake and Ethan watching the trucks at work:

Anna, Sam and Ethan

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Was Your Name?

I am pretty sure that I wrote about this before, but here goes again; Samantha is so fascinated by every one's name. Anywhere we are, being the gym, grocery, or just out for a walk she wants to know every one's name that she comes in contact with. If she is off playing at the park, we often see her asking other kids "Was your name?" These days we can't even turn the pages in a book before she knows the name of every person in the book. I used to say "I don't know what her name is", but now I just have a list of names at the ready, or I ask her what she thinks that kid's name is. Samantha also thinks it's hilarious to speculate what some one's name is. People in books often take on names of her friends. Yesterday Samantha looked at me and said "is your name...soup can?" She thought that was the funniest thing ever! I told her to ask Chris if his name was soup can when he came in the house and Samantha was beside herself until he came in so that she could ask.
Not only is Samantha wanting to know what your first name is, but she wants to know you first, middle and last name, or as she says "what's your full name?" This is often met with funny looks from other kids at the park when Samantha is giving them the third degree to find out their full name!
Samantha is very curious and she is always asking questions. I don't know how we will ever manage when she enters the "why" stage because she is already asking a million and one questions!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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