Monday, September 6, 2010 and = Shopping with Ease

Ever since Samantha was born we've been ordering out diapers, wipes, formula, etc. online. I absolutely love using this site:
It was especially convenient for us at first living in the city, it was nice not having to drag all of these items from the grocery store up the 3 flights of stairs into our condo. delivers right to your door, and the shipping and handling is for FREE! That's right people...FREE! This was especially great for me because Chris travels a lot, I didn't have to drag these items and a baby around all by myself. It was invaluable when Jake came along as well and we were buying baby supplies for 2! We've done a lot of comparison pricing, and have found that the prices at this site are even better than stores such as BJ's or Costco. also accepts all retail coupons, you just pop them all in an envelope in the mail and they apply the savings directly to your account.
At the Blogher conference, was a vendor, and there I learned that they recently started a sister site, I just placed my first order there today for things like laundry detergent and soap, other things that can be cumbersome and expensive at the grocery store. Because I placed an order there, I am going to be getting 15% cash back on any Pampers I purchase on for the next 6 months! Now, that's what I like to hear!
Now, why am I going on and on about how I love To give you some savings as well!
Head on over to the sites:

When you make your purchase, enter this promo code to save yourself 15%!