Tuesday, November 30, 2010

15 Years and Counting!

We had a great time at home with my mom and dad for Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that the kids had colds (that's what we thought at the time), we still had a pretty good Thanksgiving. Luckily it wasn't until Friday and Saturday that they kids really showed signs on not feeling well. I didn't do well at all at taking pictures this time, but I do have this photo of Jake folk dancing with my Aunt Lucy, mom, and my cousins Kristie and Bethany. We had our Thanksgiving dinner at our church this year as a family, which actually ended up being very nice. It gave us a ton of space to accommodate the family, and it gave the kids lots of space to run around in the gym. My Aunt Lucy does folk dancing, and if you've ever been to a family gathering, you'd know that there is usually some type of musical activity post meal. This year was folk dancing, and Jake happily joined in!

Saturday after Thanksgiving, Chris and I went to my 15th high school reunion. I had a great time catching up with classmates. I keep saying what a great group of people ended up being there. Everyone seemed genuinely interested in talking with everyone else, and it was a lot of fun! Here are a few pictures from the night!

Tammi, Hillorie, Emily, Jess

Chris, Emily and Nathan

Misty, Emily and Aimee

Kristen, Emily, Tammi, Hillorie, Stacy, Jess, Chrissy, Kim