Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One and a Half

18 months! Today Jake is 1 and a half! It hardly seems possible. The last few weeks have brought an explosion of language. It seems like every day another new word comes out of Jake's mouth. I sometimes find myself looking at him wondering if "that" word just came out of his mouth! Speaking of "that", he is pointing to things saying either "is" or "at" if he wants something. Jake has started calling Papi "Papa" and says Mammo. After being with my mom and dad all weekend I thought I heard Jake saying Grampa and Gramma yesterday.
Jake continues to be curious about everything. It's impossible to try to sneak something past him. He is very aware. It can be exhausting running after him all of the time, but it is so fun to feel his sense of wonder and to watch him exploring.
When Jake really likes something he wants to do it over and over. He could sit and listen to a book being read and when we get to the end of it he says and signs "more". He could read the same book 10 times in a row. Jake's favorite book right now is "The Little Engine that Could". He loves to dump and fill buckets with toys and he loves water play.
Yesterday I had the kids to the doctor for a sick visit and Jake weighed in at 25 pounds and Samantha at 28 pounds. No wonder people often ask us if they are twins! It's hard to believe that our babies are growing up. It is so fun to watch them together as they become closer and closer. They really are enjoying playing together and running after one another.