Friday, December 31, 2010

Dylan and Cole Sprouse drink milk for 'Got Milk'

Do you take milk ?, I do not like too much but occasionally I take a bit of milk because I know that is good for our health, for children is much more important. Actors Dylan and Cole Sprouse encourage us to take milk , through the campaign of " Got Milk . "

The actors of Zack and Cody held a session of photo taking milk, shirts white and tie. Dylan commented on the announcement: "We grew up with the campaign Got Milk and I always wanted to do it, so it's like a dream come true for us. Milk is great because it is a healthy alternative to soft drinks and full of nutrients and vitamins. We provide a positive alternative for children. At home we each have our milk. "

Ya know, the twins are the new face of the campaign , so let's case to Dylan , we must take milk because it is healthy, has nutrients and vitamins. Seriously girls, must take milk even if you do not like.

Lydia Hearst will play no Lindsay Lohan

A couple of days, the director of the film " Dogs in Pocketbooks "said the actress who represent the star of this film based mainly on the life of Lindsay , it would be Lydia Hearst . However, the actress herself has said he will not.

It was published in all media that Lydia Hearst was going to act in the film mentioned. Even some people, in whom I include myself, felt that Lydia could do a good job of playing a character much like the actress Lindsay Lohan . However, the producers of “Dogs in Pocketbooks "will have to start looking for a new candidate for the movie, because Hearst and went on to say that not one of its plans to participate in this film.

"Thanks for all your messages of support during my transition to become an actress. Really love and appreciate the gesture. At the moment I am not confirmed to participate in a project. Thank you, "she wrote Hearst on his Twitter account.

Then, for unbelievers, commented further: "Just to be clear, my hair is red because I'm the new face of Schwarzkopf dyes. I am a model. I dyed my hair as part of the campaign. "

Well, who will then be Lindsay in the upcoming movie? Very soon we will know, but we could take a couple of candidates.

"Never Say Never", a film by Justin Bieber

The fans of Justin Bieber know that his film "Never Say Never "was released in February 2011, even probably have already seen the trailer of the movie, I do not think they have seen or who have not already seen them I have a breakthrough.

The truth is I'm not a fan of Justin but I recognize that has thousands of followers and must be for the good music he does. His fame has grown a lot this year, so much so that now launching a film of what little he has lived the singer of "Somebody To Love ' , focusing primarily on his career of music.

I know that the fans must be eagerly waiting for the movie to see the baby singing his most famous songs in concerts, in addition also be able to see Justin when he was a baby than it now is, when I was a little boy who just learned to play guitar or drums, here are the video so they can appreciate.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me!

Happy in my Big Girl Bed!

Safe & Sound!

After 14.5 hours on the road we finally pulled in to our new home at 1:30 last night! Traffic was an absolute nightmare (we expected a 10 hour trip). There was one scary moment when we were stopped for over an hour and a half and our gas tank was on empty the whole time. Thankfully we made it to the gas station! It was a long trip but the kids were beyond fantastic and we made it safe and sound. That's all we can really ask for! Samantha even happily slept in her big girl bed last night and did great! More updates to come when we are a bit more settled!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens "Ouch!" It was so painful at the dentist?

Before, it was determined much more painful! After the festive holidays Vanessa Hudgens had to suffer again at the dentist. Feasted too much and too little teeth cleaned? So fast that the caries is not me but that dental pain can definitely screw up a Christmas.

As you bite totally relaxed in the beautiful goose and suddenly thinks: "Aaauaaa! What's that? "Shit, either you go straight to the emergency or" bite a few days together, the teeth to the dentist of his confidence to visit.

Vanessa Hudgens probably has opted for the latter. Between Christmas and New Year, the Pottschalk would at least put no regular dentist appointment. However, our ambitious young actress, due to their tight schedule, perhaps no other choice. It really is no matter, because you do see these photos automatically pity. Ouch, ouch, but he has so bored! The Pottschalk knows only too well and hopes that Vanessa Hudgens already feeling better.

Rihanna and Matt Kemp

"In October the two were still a couple ..."

We have long had Rihanna and Matt Kemp not seen together and there was only a matter of time before the first separation rumors arise naturally. However, the two really not a couple more? Officially, there was no statement to both. However, chatted again an ominous Insider chatted go to the U.S. magazine that Rihanna and Matt Kemp for weeks separate ways.

He had allegedly not feel it had more to travel constantly behind her. They now their "Christmas vacation" spent alone on her home island of Barbados "had to speak, of course, for this rumor. Other sources even claimed that the two had cheated each other but then at least Rihanna was one of the few stars who have made it "silently" to be unfaithful. Of all things, women should be smart because yes, I could read in one of your comments.

Meanwhile, they should have but the separation process quite well and that it is therefore now become a lesbian, I would doubt very much time. Finally, it could also be bisexual. As this rumor has been transformed at all? Rihanna gave her bodyguard a kiss on the cheek and was the the lucky lady the paparazzi her breasts, which some people suggested irrgeleitete well as a public confession of love. The Pottschalk estimates the current rumors in the following way: "Rihanna separately - most likely true, Rihanna has an affair with her bodyguard - Total nonsense!"

Resolution: This is your movie highlights 2011!

Some time ago we asked you which movie it most against fever 2011th With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, the Twilight sequel to Breaking Dawn , Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Hangover 2, Scream 4 , Final Destination 5 and Cars 2 , sequels were seven to choose from. The Oscar goes to...

Twilight: Breaking Dawn! The Vampiersaga with Robert Pattinson (24) and Kristen Stewart (20) has you in its spell on all and 34.77 per cent can not wait to the next part of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the movie theaters comes with.

However, even had Harry, Hermione and Ron aushexen nothing? Nevertheless landed the seventh Harry Potter film "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" clearly in second place with 21.67 percent of all votes cast. Because you want the last part of the Hogwarts saga you missed.

Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean must be 4 to settle for third place, because for 19.99 percent, the pirate adventure awaited movie highlights in 2011. With a little distance, and only 13.4 percent of the vote against Hangover occupies 2 to fourth place in your favor. In the comedy, the chaos troops Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug turns, is Bill Clinton (64) has a guest role have.

Lag far behind and the tail end of the voting is the horror films Final Destination 5 (5.07 percent) and Scream 4 (3.44 percent), and the entertainment strips Cars 2 (1.67). But how well the film will actually reach the audience, well, sales at the box office next year for the first show.

Johnny Depp lends his voice chameleon

This actor seems to allow no pause themselves: No sooner is the last movie filmed begins work on a new animation strips. Johnny Depp (47) now lends an inattentive chameleon named Range and his voice is so from the 3rd to appear on the cinema of March.

The Nickelodeon film is about reptile Rango, to assert himself in a Western city against vicious bandits must and so with his duties of self-confidence to win.

In addition to the carefully written story gives Johnny the chameleon that certain something. In the interview he says of his role: "He's trying to figure out how and who he should be, like most of us."

Especially were the dubbing, because instead of sitting on his stool blunt and speak into his microphone, opted director and spokesman for the thing to breathe real life. Therefore, dance, jump and scream, the actors in many scenes in a real small set around too, so that the images actually look realistic, too.

"This is something I've never done before yet. Instead of moving images to record, we here on emotions and get the actors to give the characters feelings. "Says Depp of the exceptional work against Studio.

"There's just a bunch of adults a chance to be silly." How silly Mr. Depp has behaved in fact, you can see in the following clip and also learn a few words about the animated film.

ALF scandal: "A bunch of shit" Trevor Ochmonek aka John LaMotta tops that one!

What's going on now? Apparently, brains are in these cold holidays a couple of frozen, because otherwise you can not explain that a "video outtake" from ALF for such a huge scandal provides. He has the "N word" but not meant personally, and after over 20 years but one can almost speak of limitation.

But the Internet is sometimes a real bitch, because everything comes to light, and it simply forgets anything! Once at TMZ because even with the producers because of the "N-word" scandal, had spoken, they wanted to seek an opinion from John LaMotta yet.

The incident he was going to say anything, but to the series represents the "Trevor Ochmonek" actor is a very clear statement: "I found that the Alf series a bunch of crap ... is the worst thing I've ever done." Oh, oh, let not the time to hear Rachel Ochmonek. This statement is the real scandal for what the series is sure that he was obliged to play a proletarian? Okay somehow hangs together so well with the script, but it has forced him not to play along there. Alf is a cult, and here John LaMotta had better times held the door...

Jungle Camp 2011: Tatjana Gsell cancels - Kay One is coming!

German television audience must be a huge loss hinehmen this, for Tatjana Gsell will not participate in the jungle camp 201 1. Kreisssscchh! No! How could she do this to us? Well they wanted to just not do to themselves and to have given the following strange word combination according to the figure of him:

"The Swiss ... I could have eaten every day. I will not do this to me. "

Sch, Sch, snow! Oh Tatjana there is no snow in the Australian jungle as a candidate of "I am Star catches up with me here," you had last time with your bosom-friends "Dolly Buster" and "Naddel" can catch up.

They have the jungle camp but also survived and at the latest "celebrity choice" I would have rather someone else as a viewer-victim had in mind. SSST, SSST, Pssssttt Florian Stoehr! The guarantee is there going through a tough time but he does not get affected anyway. Finally, it is rumored, too, the candidate of the RTL show disgust with salaries of up to 50,000 € compensation.

Now may be one of the extra pocket money forward Kay, because of all the ex-boyfriend of Gina Lisa brings the breast-widow for. Since he would have his ex-girlfriend along with you can! Perhaps the still too prominent? Yeah and the Pope travels through Europe in Tanga. Kay One woman held Gsell -

A rather unsatisfactory exchange, because in a bikini I would like to see the rapper is not really. And Tatiana? Actually not, but I would have much rather seen the suffering, always turn to the jungle test with her former party-mate Florian Stoehr...

"Lydia Hearst will play Lindsay Lohan?”

The film “Dogs in Pocketbooks” Lindsay Lohan, as the writers. Will be responsible for giving life to this character? Lydia Hearst.

I do not believe they have been able to convince Lindsay to carry out this role. Although it would have been great to see Lohan playing a character so similar to it. I'm sure his performance would be superb, almost worthy of Oscar. Or notice that was acting. He would naturally, and ultimately that's what you are looking for an actress, right?

However, Lydia Hearst is also a best actress for this role. Is that your life is quite similar to Lindsay. Do not believe me? Here we give some examples.

She posed nude for a magazine once said she was a lesbian, and even has sex with guys that left much to be desired. So it should come natural thing play this character, which the writer Charles Casillo, is "a spoiled movie goddess, who just out of rehab, has trouble with the law, and is besieged by agents, paparazzi, stalkers communication and media. "

For its part, the family of Lindsay Through her attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, has said he is using the image of the actress without his consent and without her receiving any benefit. Also, the mother Lindsay said that anyone dealing with negativity the image of his daughter will be punished accordingly.

Taylor Momsen: "I am a product"

The actress and singer Taylor Momsen Says he feels like a Product and realizes. As one gets older, also confesses that he is always going to please everyone.

About being a Product "You get a clearer view as you grow. It's like I woke up one morning and was like, 'Oh, I see what is happening,' "I woke up and was like, 'I understand, I am a product'"

Despite being the center of attention, being a celebrity, a Taylor does not care much what people think of it"Nobody prepares you for it (fame).

In Gossip Girl, I just went to work, doing what I've always done, and then suddenly you're like 'Wow,' "" But you get used to it, "" You can ignore because what people say about me does not bother me at all.”

About not pleasing everybody” If you're in high school or college or work, does not like someone. Is inevitable. But that does not mean anything”

Chris Hemsworth are married Elsa Pataky

During the Christmas weekend there was a Wedding that went unnoticed. Until today whose? For the actors Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky.

The Australian actor Chris Hemsworth and his Spanish girlfriend, actress Elsa Pataky, Were married last weekend taking advantage of the long weekend for the holidays.

A representative of the actor film "Thor", which co-stars Natalie Portman, has confirmed that the couple was married last weekend but did not give any detail of the ceremony.

Elsa Pataky is only now making headway in Hollywood.

His most important work so far is the one made by Samuel L. Jackson, in the movie "Snakes on a Plane", which premiered in 2006. We assume that more will soon to speak.

Returning to the issue of Wedding, Congratulations to both! Hopefully we will soon form a nice family. See if the younger brother Chris Liam, one day you can return to Miley. That would be great.

Alexis Jordan: "Sexy is done to death"

The young artist of 18 years has shown its concern by being a good role model for younger fans, through their actions and projection of his image.

Be sexy is a virtue to many. Even, sometimes, the only attribute of a person is being sexy. However, the singer Alexis Jordan thinks you should not base a race in only sensual and provocative show to the public but to highlight other important aspects and in his case, music.

"What sexy is done to death. There are many singers out there doing things very well.

But I never wanted to be one of those artists who wear provocative and flirting to camera. I have hope that I can be a good role model for girls. It really helps that working close to my family: My mother is my representative and my aunt works in the creative part of my videos. I love working next to my family. They make sure that keep both feet firmly on the ground. "

We hope you will always remain so and that time does not have to be lamenting another case of young stars are absorbed by the fame and make a long list of blunders.

Here is the video of his song "Happiness"

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Eve!

DJ E*Rock all night long! Need we say more? Bike it. Walk it. Cab it. Let's be together to ring in this bright new year! Can't wait!


Oh yeah! Lisa Beyer is in the house! Expect a great grab bag of old swing from the 20s and 30s, Torch songs, a little bit of blues, some good Country, cold weather's all good with Bad Wizard.


Mmm mmm good. One of our favorites, DJ vs. Nature aka Andrew Neerman will be here on Wednesday to play some of his fave post-punk, dream pop, and other yummy minimal disco and interesting dance musics. This will also be the after party for a very special collaborative trunk show that's happening around the corner at our BFF's, Salon 22o. Go see what's happening in the early eve over there and come on by later for the tunes and cocktails!

Rihanna and Matt Kemps - relationship had ended

This month has been breaking everywhere. This time the shift is the couple formed by the singer of "Only Girl" and the baseball player Matt Kemps, Whose relationship had ended several days ago.

I once read that December was a month where couples often end up with more frequency. That is revealed also in the field of celebrities but remember its Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens or divorce of Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. For now, join this list Rihanna and Matt Kemps.

A source said: "This (break) occurred in recent weeks. Basically, she was determined to end". An official commentary on this topic both by the singer and the athlete has not been given.

Recall that the two became very close when he began to help her recover and forget what happened to Chris Brown Which, as we all know, attacked the singer in February 2009.

It is said that Kemps I was always behind her, as a "lapdog" and kept her busier with her things. As the reason for his departure would be that he wanted a more normal relationship, something she could not give.

A shame, as that has finished. At least, it seems, there has been no scandal in this last relationship Rihanna, Which is very good.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pack it up Pack it in Let me Begin

Snowed In!

Luckily we were able to get the UHaul a day early before the roads shut down from the snow. Since we got the trailer early, Chris spent the day yesterday loading up, and now we are almost done packing. Here's what it looked like around here yesterday!

Today the kids got out for a short sled ride, but it ended up being a little too windy.

I don't think we'll be leaving anytime really soon! We had hoped to leave mid-day on Tuesday, but we are pushing that back to Wednesday now because of the snow.

Jake and Samantha all bundled up and ready for the snow!

Since it was too cold and windy outside, we brought the snow into the nice warm house to play.

Cameron Diaz, Adam Levine and Wilmer Valderrama

hat is unusual for a constellation! But it goes further than Kanye West, Christian Slater, Dustin Hoffman and Snoop Dogg were among them under the same tree? No, but in the same stadium for a basketball game of "LA Lakers" look. Even on Christmas Day, the stars fled from trusted family roast on the NBA event.

Christmas break! Nil, instead, the Lakers had in their home game against the Miami Heat "hinehmen a defeat, but some of the celebrities attending this will be probably have been unimportant. The main thing out the first Festagsstre!

Actress Cameron Diaz, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and the star of "The Wild Seventies" Wilmer Valderrama see it from quite relieved. However, the shots were made even before the game. But if they could not have the paparazzi spoil the mood, they will have looked in hindsight not much unhappier. Just because all of which have at least one residence in Los Angeles, they have to be not just a fan of the LA Lakers. What surprised wisdom! Yes, Christmas was much too early and has left its mark on the Pottschalk. Too much food, too little sleep and long train journeys. Enough wining back on the subject! Sporty chic and not overdressed! Even Kanye West was very casual ...

Wow, so sexy I had Adam Levine no longer remembered. Whether the well behind his daddy is?

Snoop Dogg - Man this is a crushing man or bodyguard is perhaps the only chance our next Snoop and is in fact a successful stock broker? Buy, Sell - Hey mate, at least, the shares closed holidays ...
Almost did not recognize! Wilmer Valderrama, who Feeeezzzz from "The Wild Seventies"

Christian Slater, the ass still on the weekend "in the name of the Rose" and without pants could show his young concealed his face with sunglasses and by the masses would be almost perished in ...

Farmer Wants a Wife 2010: Disconnected! For these couples, there was no happy ending ... and Verena Volker?

On Monday, the last episode of the current farmers looking for women in 2010 Season, the screens went on, everything still seemed so hyper harmonious.

The Pottschalk had a good feeling and spoke of a couple-Vermittungsquote of almost 90% , but first it is different and second as you might think. The reality, as equal number of sad!

Can you non-time for the feast of love to write something positive? Oh, we are yet softened by a thousand pages already, as I like to put a nice contrast. Farmer Wants a Wife fans should hold, however, for with the following separation, they have certainly not expected.

Volker and Verena are not together anymore! Is not that incredible? The pot Schalk has really cut off the chair, because this couple's love seemed almost to explode. It comes and goes so well from one to another. Verena what’s ?No love and in this case has really driven a strange game. However, the two are still "friends" and are in regular contact.

"Let us remain friends ..." is bad if some of these "comfort kit" really seriously. "Stop making for dummies - These rates should say never." Is there already such a guide? He must urgently be written once. In any case, had the sprightly chicken host Gerhard spend Christmas alone, because he has told how his chickens yet. However, neither did " Barbara - Take your time to make the teeth , "nor" Sigrun - I want a Babe "look on his farm.

They came, saw, went and never returned. What a sad end! Still makes me sad but the story of the farmers Harald. Who had the " RTL Narumol Version 2.0 "for his court ordered and actually really love Sun Unfortunately, this love was one-sided because, although Janet was very happy, she has without the cameras RTL not found their way back to his farm.

Something Dooley also! Surely she would love to come again, but "Hi hi hi" has not stopped worked. She came, played the naive girl who had to film and broke the Herald’s heart. For them it was only to find it enjoyable stay on the farm for him a serious attempt to love.

Yes I'm the Harald really a little sorry for me and that Janet was the beginning of the mind. Since Pottschalk is the fully biased, but I have no sympathy with the traditional shepherd lambs, for his "sharp sweeper" - the tattooed Monika - did not come again. Relationship technically, it has not worked since and after the uncharmanten Abservierung his "first" choice, he really deserves.

After all, Willy and Rosie are still happy, the same is true for Martin and Jenny, not to mention our sweet dream couple Luke and Stina. So you have the Pottschalk unlikely but still a happy ending bescherrt, because with a negative thought you shall not leave the stocks today ...