Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alexis Jordan: "Sexy is done to death"

The young artist of 18 years has shown its concern by being a good role model for younger fans, through their actions and projection of his image.

Be sexy is a virtue to many. Even, sometimes, the only attribute of a person is being sexy. However, the singer Alexis Jordan thinks you should not base a race in only sensual and provocative show to the public but to highlight other important aspects and in his case, music.

"What sexy is done to death. There are many singers out there doing things very well.

But I never wanted to be one of those artists who wear provocative and flirting to camera. I have hope that I can be a good role model for girls. It really helps that working close to my family: My mother is my representative and my aunt works in the creative part of my videos. I love working next to my family. They make sure that keep both feet firmly on the ground. "

We hope you will always remain so and that time does not have to be lamenting another case of young stars are absorbed by the fame and make a long list of blunders.

Here is the video of his song "Happiness"