Sunday, December 19, 2010

Andrea Renzullo & Darko: Why two times the same song? Sun burst a super talent dream ...

They were considered hot favorites for the title " Super Talent 2010 winner , "but last night were Andrea and Darko Renzullo not even among the top 3 candidates. They have in the run with their performances truly touched millions of people emotionally. However, I can do it with the best will not understand why they Finals again with the same song had to occur in the Super Talent. All others have a new performance, choreography or just thought of something new. To put twice on same horse, in the case not just calculating, but is also presented damn lazy over.

From a super talent, I expect there is really more! Even if it with a new song had not been quite so great, then they would at least leave a better impression. Finally, we have Darko and Andrea Renzullo not keep up their appearances vorrausgegangen me. Yesterday they almost compete with themselves and lost. Really annoying, but still I press the two fingers crossed that they are "no super talent" and for "their musical path to successfully cope with diligence."