Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brainless! Said Kelly Osbourne expects from Luke Worrall via Twitter!

Who's the real celebrity bitch? At lest from the perspective Luke Worrall and Kelly Osbourne. After her ex-boyfriend Bubi initially estimated at Christmas creep back into her heart, wanted to Kelly is on the frustration-barrel finally overflowed. Long as they had during the silent background of the separation and, after the first fraud accusations, "even defended. First she wrote on Twitter, that it made her ill and then be asked their fans to be brought Luke to offend no more, because he Beziehungsaus not to blame for the bear would. A few months later, her ex-fiance then the full ass and they have allegedly exploited only.

"Luke has this egg into the pan cut really?"

At lest from the perspective Luke Worrall and Kelly Osbourne.

But why have the two of them ever met at Christmas? Should really be something in their accusations, then I can understand from their perspective, not really. Fooled, deceived, exploited - The guy would have died for ever for me and now we can finally Kelly Osbourne has to say:

Luke Worrall is the biggest piece of shit and wanted to win me back again, even though I only came home for Christmas and I wanted to see how he goes so .

Over 100 girls behind my back, he has guided ** kt, he only used me. Since warned girls, Luke Worrall is an exploitation bitch!

He took me for my free ticket and used as money, I will not tell the whole truth of what he did.

He is the worst thing ever in my life happened is me and I do not give a damn what will happen in the future with him.

I was and will always be too good for Luke Worrall. Honey, your pretty face so far has brought up because he was in no way brain

Do not think that I've ever felt so stupid in the. He has made a fool out of me, I'll use Twitter long time not one; in my life I have never had such a brake in the heart.

Can it be that Kelly Osbourne is well on its own superficiality failed there? Eyes open - mind out! One British reporter had even issued a slap because it had allegedly insulted her Freudn as "stupid". Nevertheless, she held it, after all, almost two years out with a stupid cheat. Hmm since one must indeed a little question which of the two now the "dumber" was? The "stupid" or that has been exploited by a "stupid"? Well the question Osbourne Kelly answered that yourself and most quasi allegations she has once again removed from her Twitter account already.

It speaks not just for the intelligence, if you have to wash his dirty laundry so in public. Have thought that our "weight loss miracle" now sufficient self-consciousness about such things and just enjoy it stands. Outside more "wow” but the inside is still just as "Pooh". What does really because her ex-guy Luke to the allegations?

"Lying on Twitter –It’s Great!"

Sometimes less is indeed more, but somehow I will not shake the feeling that has occurred to him anymore. "Dumb" and "Dumber", some how, the two paired so good, it's a pity now finally be over...