Friday, December 24, 2010

Christina Aguilera: "My son Max enjoyed Christmas"

I can not believe it is Christmas, time passes very quickly and it amazes me every time. Those who enjoy more of this day are the ones at home; at the home of singer Christina Aguilera enjoys it more than her young son Max.

Christina reveals that Max begins to engage with Christmas arrangements now that is old enough to enjoy the Christmas. Christina asked if Max is enjoying Christmas and he replied "Of course!" "We've had this stroke of Santa Claus in my house, someone said it's scary" .

The singer also says she likes the little tree decoration: "It's what the tree Christmas and decorating, I like to throw the snow in the tree”

Finally, Christina says her not only is one who Enjoys Christmas Even she gets excited. "But it is only Max which Is Having a fun time, I tonight I also love this time of year. I think the spirit of all this is really fun, "is my favorite month."

Family time, we hope to continue having fun.