Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elizabeth Hurley wants a son to George Clooney: "I can wait for marriage"

Elisabetta Canalis in an interview with the weekly magazine In Touch Weekly has said it wants from George Clooney.

According to the interview, Elisabetta Canalis just want her George is the father of her child, because you feel ready to have a child "and it is absolutely okay if he does not want to marry her."

"It’s most eligible bachelor of the known world - writes the weekly In Touch - and should already be thinking about infant Scarpettini? George Clooney, 49, stands with the Italian television star Elisabetta Canalis more than a year and a half and now she feels the hands of her biological clock are running. "

The weekly also writes a source close to Elisabetta Canalis that seems to confirm that the desire for parenthood also belongs to George Clooney: "As George has so far fought the idea of marriage and the family, is finally planning to settle down."

"But Elizabeth is not interested in getting married - In Touch Weekly claims - has an open mind and does not need to marry immediately."