Monday, December 27, 2010

Farmer Wants a Wife 2010: Disconnected! For these couples, there was no happy ending ... and Verena Volker?

On Monday, the last episode of the current farmers looking for women in 2010 Season, the screens went on, everything still seemed so hyper harmonious.

The Pottschalk had a good feeling and spoke of a couple-Vermittungsquote of almost 90% , but first it is different and second as you might think. The reality, as equal number of sad!

Can you non-time for the feast of love to write something positive? Oh, we are yet softened by a thousand pages already, as I like to put a nice contrast. Farmer Wants a Wife fans should hold, however, for with the following separation, they have certainly not expected.

Volker and Verena are not together anymore! Is not that incredible? The pot Schalk has really cut off the chair, because this couple's love seemed almost to explode. It comes and goes so well from one to another. Verena what’s ?No love and in this case has really driven a strange game. However, the two are still "friends" and are in regular contact.

"Let us remain friends ..." is bad if some of these "comfort kit" really seriously. "Stop making for dummies - These rates should say never." Is there already such a guide? He must urgently be written once. In any case, had the sprightly chicken host Gerhard spend Christmas alone, because he has told how his chickens yet. However, neither did " Barbara - Take your time to make the teeth , "nor" Sigrun - I want a Babe "look on his farm.

They came, saw, went and never returned. What a sad end! Still makes me sad but the story of the farmers Harald. Who had the " RTL Narumol Version 2.0 "for his court ordered and actually really love Sun Unfortunately, this love was one-sided because, although Janet was very happy, she has without the cameras RTL not found their way back to his farm.

Something Dooley also! Surely she would love to come again, but "Hi hi hi" has not stopped worked. She came, played the naive girl who had to film and broke the Herald’s heart. For them it was only to find it enjoyable stay on the farm for him a serious attempt to love.

Yes I'm the Harald really a little sorry for me and that Janet was the beginning of the mind. Since Pottschalk is the fully biased, but I have no sympathy with the traditional shepherd lambs, for his "sharp sweeper" - the tattooed Monika - did not come again. Relationship technically, it has not worked since and after the uncharmanten Abservierung his "first" choice, he really deserves.

After all, Willy and Rosie are still happy, the same is true for Martin and Jenny, not to mention our sweet dream couple Luke and Stina. So you have the Pottschalk unlikely but still a happy ending bescherrt, because with a negative thought you shall not leave the stocks today ...