Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Lydia Hearst will play Lindsay Lohan?”

The film “Dogs in Pocketbooks” Lindsay Lohan, as the writers. Will be responsible for giving life to this character? Lydia Hearst.

I do not believe they have been able to convince Lindsay to carry out this role. Although it would have been great to see Lohan playing a character so similar to it. I'm sure his performance would be superb, almost worthy of Oscar. Or notice that was acting. He would naturally, and ultimately that's what you are looking for an actress, right?

However, Lydia Hearst is also a best actress for this role. Is that your life is quite similar to Lindsay. Do not believe me? Here we give some examples.

She posed nude for a magazine once said she was a lesbian, and even has sex with guys that left much to be desired. So it should come natural thing play this character, which the writer Charles Casillo, is "a spoiled movie goddess, who just out of rehab, has trouble with the law, and is besieged by agents, paparazzi, stalkers communication and media. "

For its part, the family of Lindsay Through her attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, has said he is using the image of the actress without his consent and without her receiving any benefit. Also, the mother Lindsay said that anyone dealing with negativity the image of his daughter will be punished accordingly.