Saturday, December 25, 2010

How then does Emma Watson from?

Emma Watson (20) has indeed repeatedly hinted that she fell pretty hard without Harry Potter to make do have, now that the last part is turned off.

Finally, she has stood her childhood for the magic number for the camera. Although Hermione Granger Emma soon consigned to history of, she thinks not because the movie screen to withdraw from, but will have next film projects to the.

of her new film is "My Week with Marilyn", in cinemas come to the 2011.

The fact that the talented young actress is very different: with bangs and longer hair, she looks like a totally shy girl. The studio bosses are pretty excited about the 20-year-olds and their professionalism.

"For ten years she was the school girl from the Harry Potter movies and now you see them for the first time as a woman. There is something very elegant in itself - it looks like Jean Shrimpton! Plus, she has a talent for comedy and drama. I have the feeling that we are the future, much work in, "said producer Harvey against .

The film is based on the diary of Colin Clark, who was the assistant to Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe attended to while shooting in London. Emma will play the role of Lucy, a wardrobe assistant to the Pinewood Studios, where Clark flirts heavily with her. In his diary he describes Lucy as follows: "One of the prettiest little girls I've seen in my life ever ... thin as a stick, brown curly hair, big brown eyes and a cheeky grin.”

The picture is obviously from a movie scene. We are excited to see how Emma so no magic wand and her friends are Daniel Radcliffe (21) and Rupert Grint (22) in front of the camera suggests.