Monday, December 27, 2010

Hugh Jackman: torment instead of steel! Suffer so the eggs of Wolverine "real" (Video)

Hello Mr. Jackman, they want to have in the future enjoyment of sex? Since it is recommended in any case an appropriate protective wear, because where hard balls fly so quickly may also end up something in sameness. Jaaaull, would howl Wolverine usually only at full moon, but real, of course, he lives without the "metal" in his veins. When a Cricketer want to prove himself a catcher Hugh Jackman, while unfortunately the ball was fully in his groin.

Well maybe he has yet taken such a "jockstrap." This will, not a short-term pain only, but have retained at least until long-term damage. The last weeks in this year was really very hard for the former sexiest man alive.

First he has taken in a daring stunt in the "Oprah Winfrey" put on the nose and now you have it also swept a ball in the nuts. Since we wish to (n) but at the moment really the self-healing powers of a superhero. However, I would not like the fur of Wolverine when the time a spa day with "manicure" and "Waxing" brings behind ...