Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jasmine V: "There are many fish in the sea"

Remember to Jasmine V? Clear who remember her, how can we forget the girl who apparently had some connection with Justin Bieber? Now the girl is dedicated to race So his comments on album and also the boys.

Jasmine talks about his album. This album is a mixture of a lot of things different. The fans really get to see my personality and what I like to talk, many of the songs are also co-written by what we will have the best of both worlds. Will be cool”

As the video “All These Boys”, Jasmine said” It’s basically about all these guys. So the theme song is not lifted, saying I have all these guys and I do not know what to choose, "" It's like going through a heartbreak or a break, these guys are still out there are many fish in the sea”

What do you think? "There are many fish in the sea?, I think so, however, sometimes we want a fish wrong.