Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jungle Camp 2011: Tatjana Gsell cancels - Kay One is coming!

German television audience must be a huge loss hinehmen this, for Tatjana Gsell will not participate in the jungle camp 201 1. Kreisssscchh! No! How could she do this to us? Well they wanted to just not do to themselves and to have given the following strange word combination according to the figure of him:

"The Swiss ... I could have eaten every day. I will not do this to me. "

Sch, Sch, snow! Oh Tatjana there is no snow in the Australian jungle as a candidate of "I am Star catches up with me here," you had last time with your bosom-friends "Dolly Buster" and "Naddel" can catch up.

They have the jungle camp but also survived and at the latest "celebrity choice" I would have rather someone else as a viewer-victim had in mind. SSST, SSST, Pssssttt Florian Stoehr! The guarantee is there going through a tough time but he does not get affected anyway. Finally, it is rumored, too, the candidate of the RTL show disgust with salaries of up to 50,000 € compensation.

Now may be one of the extra pocket money forward Kay, because of all the ex-boyfriend of Gina Lisa brings the breast-widow for. Since he would have his ex-girlfriend along with you can! Perhaps the still too prominent? Yeah and the Pope travels through Europe in Tanga. Kay One woman held Gsell -

A rather unsatisfactory exchange, because in a bikini I would like to see the rapper is not really. And Tatiana? Actually not, but I would have much rather seen the suffering, always turn to the jungle test with her former party-mate Florian Stoehr...