Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jurgen Drews Joelina daughter sings: Trendsetter Kesha or Wannabe?

Why do celebrity children always follow in the footsteps of her showbiz parents? Could power but sometimes looking room for new faces and you swear a decent job of Pottschalk now, but the daughter of Jurgen Draws is truly blessed with a talent. When you hear the singing Joelina 15 years ago, then goose bumps are guaranteed.

As a young Christina Aguilera and that is not now greatly exaggerated. Somehow I can indeed also a beautiful tribute to his own father, if you take the same job.

Fortunately Joelina sings but no hits, but still dabbles in the pop industry more competitive. I was really anticipating their first song, but unfortunately the "Trendsetter" a bitter disappointment. The mere sound of the title in itself but to English for beginners and the production is the total mixed together charts pabulum. Because not only female but also male voices in hip-Autoune compositions Taio Cruz and co just thank all the buzz is, you have put to it only a guy on the side.

It could also sing Joelina alone very well, but this title is not just her talent. As if a gerlernter gourmet chef would offer a frit budded. In the U.S., so very far way from Germany, is "Trendsetter" by the hottest DJs in the clubs already up and played. We believe it all directly or times? Club, address, phone number - from the DJ or whatever.

Actually Joelina can be happy that so many have heard this song yet. The text is just mega-bad, "I'm so cool, I'm so hip, blah blah, I'm de-born trendsetter - Oh yes girl, you are what you mad" So there are no friends on the new "music school ". The video is not exactly the "yellow of the egg and the rest I save time; otherwise it is really too much nasty comments. Nix trendsetter, but rather "Wannabe Kesha. This test debut was in my opinion in the pants, but sadly Jurgen Draws daughter does not need a reason, because she has 15 years, enough time itself and a better song to find its me...