Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Katy Perry want to many children

Singer Katy Perry is married Russell Brand, All apparently were going great, she would like to have a family and for that you want Russel many children a rarity in a famous because they always say that after fat and his figure is not the same.

Katy asked if she wanted children, to which he replied: "Of course. I do not want to lose any experience. I many children“. He was asked about a Christmas tradition when you children: "We will open a before, because that is the tradition in my family.

We’ll do something new. Let's start our own new tradition, because we are a family now. "

Why Russell chose to get married? "He's so intelligent, Is full of wonderful plans. If you really want to know what made me fall in love with him was to see what amazing it is with people, especially children. "

Let's wait a bit to see some fruit of love child Katy Russell there is no doubt that by Katy are very nice and by Russell will be ... funny and smart.