Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kim Kardashian sings with Kanye West?

The question arises after the socialite he was seen entering a study of music, where he also attended by the rapper Kanye West. What hand will bring these characters?

Has anyone heard singing to Kim Kardashian? I, at least, I have not had the chance. In any case, it seems that very soon my ears could experience the sensation of hearing the voice of Kim in a melody.

Is that, as I had at first, she has gone to a studio recording where she also met his friend Kanye West and no rule that both are thinking about recording a song a duet .

Furthermore, this type of speculation is made stronger by what one Kim has written over the past two days at his Twitter account: "My God, has no idea what I'm doing today! They are going to die! "" Day 2 goes! ".I do not know what to expect of a possible collaboration of Kim with Kanye, but I'm sure if they do promote good will be a success, given the fame of both.