Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lady Gaga: Breast-Grabsch brazen attack in Paris!

Oh this stupid weather, why does it snow in the winter also just as much? This was yet in the era of global warming does not really count. Even Lady Gaga has the effects of uncontrollable Father Frost suffer, even if the outfit does not look her straight.

In Paris, she even had to cancel a concert because the trucks came through with their tour equipment is not easy. So what? Since they would show you but the true artist and can give an unplugged concert.

Okay is already a fair way, because the fans have even paid for a wild gaga colorful show.

But not only has the weather just gnawed at Lady Gaga, but also the aforementioned fans. When she ventured into her "Bride of Frankenstein" outfit from the hotel, a hand landed from the screaming masses but directly to her bosom.

Hello!! The neckline may, perhaps inviting "look", but still far from justifying any attack cheeky Grabsch ( See "Picture" screen ). However, it is quite conceivable that the alleged attacker was himself a victim and was forced by the hysterical masses towards Gaga. You do not know, but Lady GaGa has now no divas uprising rehearsed, but punished the Grabber with a nasty look...