Monday, December 27, 2010

Lady Gaga has killed Santa Claus!

Did you this year might not get what you wished you have? If the wrong was again under the Christmas tree, then take your loved ones at any rate not to blame. Responsibility lays solely Lady Gaga! The Santa Claus has been a monster week in advance in terms of their so-called "Monster" tour down butchered. In a shocking act of ruthless violence, it makes him cold. This massive act of violence is not for the faint of heart and if someone is responsible for the modern moral case, then takes out our women's guilt Gaga.

Maybe it's just a brilliant commercially-staged image of our society? Oh do really to hear about, but Lady Gaga is definitely the "high priestess" our popular culture and how it has history taught us, it will also take to the grave with those. Luckily, before that, take quite a few decades before, but was definitely to Gaga's all there once. Such extremes are simply unto bar and thus paving the way for the next pop star philistine. But before that happens, we will look again this merciless Cruel Spektaktel on.

Provocative or politically that action was now not really. You had the Pottschalk even think spontaneously Sinead O `Connor, who has dozens of years before even torn a pope's picture on a concert and was booed after violently. Gaga something woman would certainly not dare for such a blatant statements might affect her career really commercial. Finally, Mrs. Connor Christian and then some fans willing to pay lost and the real Santa Claus has gone flat anyway years ago by a "shower-vices." you did it not from me ....