Friday, December 24, 2010

Lady GaGa: The most charitable celebrity of 2010

It's time to submit another list. This time about celebrities who decided to support their ideas, money and campaigns to combat various inequalities in the world.

Although cause surprise the eccentric Lady GaGa ranks first thanks to his constant activism in the struggle for gay rights since, as will be recalled that it was against U.S. law that forced the country's military secrecy keep their sexual orientation to order not to "tarnish" the image of the institution they represent.

On the other hand, singer Alicia Keys Who through the campaign "Digital Death", which invited several celebrities to suspend their participation in social networks to not raise a million dollars to help thousands of children with the HIV virus, became the second instead of this list.

The thirteenth place is occupied by the beautiful Taylor Swift. The singer of "You Belong with Me" has had a fantastic year in his career much of what he has earned through his efforts and talent he has been taking institutions charities. In addition he was part of the "Read Now" in order to encourage the habit of reading around the world.

Here I show the list of top ten: