Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LaVive: "No time for sleeping" Top 13 in singles chart - Bad Time for pop stars?

LaVive? What is that? In any case, no cream from the health store, but a band from Pop stars retort. The past and already ninth Season on the talent show was entirely satisfactory ratings for ProSieben enter, but as soon as the final run seems the interest in "LaVive" to abate so.

The entry in the download charts anyway was not so outstanding, and, according to Media Control is the debut single "No time for sleeping" just number 13 in the official singles chart "entered.

The days where a single pop star could end up directly to first place in the charts are long gone, but still even had the pessimistic Pottschalk expected very secretly with a top ten finish. Finally, it also has the casting competition from X-Factor 9 on the charts done. It was "I've come to life" not just the mega-Burner and Edita Abdieski was a "solo artist" even alone. Wow! Please note this wisdom of the day observed: "lone solo artist in the charts ..."

In the Pop stars band LaVive "are actually four potential sympathy winners, all chosen from the audience were, of course. Nevertheless it only for the very unfortunate position 13 has passed and that they are only 3 places better than its predecessor "Some & Any”. After a long career does not see the straight and even if "No time for sleeping" somewhat annoying, the song is quite catchy qualities...