Monday, December 27, 2010

Lothar Matthaus and Liliana: Divorce - There is no turning back!

Juhhhuuu! There is no turning back, because you no longer need me. Whether it’s Liliana Lothar really do not need? This will emerge in the coming months, but according to Mr. Matthew marriage is final with his fourth wife story.

The horrors without end but has apparently come to an end. In the Bild newspaper, told the iconic footballer, so there you have it, but tried again and again, but for 12 weeks we knew that there could be no common future.

Hey at least the two have fought for marriage and says the Pottschalk squashed just a tear, for 2011, we have to live without the "Lothar, Liliana, and some Love-Drama".

For me it was the most confusing and at the same time entertaining story of the year. Well I still hope so, because the divorce has not yet been completed.

According to information in the Bild newspaper, it is already on 29 have made October a divorce date, but said the Liliana had allegedly not look there. This will have already had their reasons, for such a good model has just booked a tight schedule and as you watched this divorce date perhaps not so in my stuff. Lothar Matthaus said that I first encouraging consolation that "REAL" suitable Songl dug out for.

"Because you love in you are not wearing
Not for me and for anyone
Because you love in you are not wearing
You make no sense to regret
Because you love in you are not wearing
You forgot to was not very difficult
Because you are not wearing in love you "

Do you have the text already on it? Booyah! Then you can immediately sing along really nice. Sorry I could not "real" original or find the original of "real" and so you must be content with this cheap imitation, but in view of the topic that is perhaps not so inappropriate: