Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love outing in Tokyo! Bill Kaulitz really wanted sex with Britney Spears?

Who would have thought that Bill Kaulitz apparently has a good taste in women? Yet another similarity he shares with the Pottschalk out and now I make my favorite was. Of course, the Tokyo Hotel would never vulgar dressing of the type singer. As it happened, I will explain better times directly because for me the love Bill is still turning off the Internet.

At an autograph-signing marathon in Tokyo in the band was probably boring and do what boys at this age when they are bored? Right! Labern shit and that's still better than crap to build the pot says Schalk.

In any event got the situation pretty out of control when the Tokyo Twins for fun in the hair got Tom and the Bill threatened, "to, to bubble otherwise bangs here's equal time in a box! Enjoy" Who was it now that autograph card signed? Upssala was missing but smooth the signature of Bill and a few minutes later it go on with the ever-popular theme of "women". Tom took the occasion to come out first with band-mates:

"That was in 2005 or even 2006, because George was the love that is in love with the Kelly Clarkson."

Ne, ne was that of George then not so cool, what Tom says:

"Get to it! I stand but also to the fact that I was pretty Angelina Jolie once! "

Schie├člich George shoots against Bill:

"What are you up there at all interfere, boy. You want to f ** Britney Spears bridges! "

It seems Bill Kaulitz little to impress again and he countered:

"So what! Gulcan Collien or better! "

Yes I have to give the Bill again right, but how many celebrity women want to really attract even his leg? Ah, but that was it already here and here for the video said that recently found its way to