Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne want to tell Lady Gaga should take a break

Ozzy Osbourne knows Lady Gaga? Alone that's ever a huge compliment to our permanent touring singer as in Justin Bieber cult rocker asked the cult simply: "Who?" In an interview with U.S. magazine shows Ozzy Osbourne, however, very impressive that he is still quite clear in the pear is for his advice can probably understand very well the most:

"I think Lady Gaga should take a break. This will be a bit too much and it just exaggerates their clothes. It is simple to present. It could be the next Madonna if she plays off their cards right. I like them but slowly it makes me sick. When I turn on the TV I see it again with some a lampshade or something on the head. She needs a break. I think so for an hour or so. I love her for she is really entertaining but it makes it a little too much.

Every day there is something else. If it does not shuts down then the "specificity" of their self-destruct. Who manages about? Someone should whisper in her ear that she sometimes pauses for a few months so people are interested to see her again. Wait until the people want you back! "

This is probably one of the most honest and most relevant comments I've read about Lady Gaga year of this. A high prince of darkness and down with the fanatical preachers on that in a Gaga "Satan bride" to see women. This is also the pot Schalk exaggerated! Just imagine Just imagine Lady Gaga and Ozzy Osbourne were born in the same decade had met and would become a couple. Lord in heaven! Since the hell would be frozen over time easily...