Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paris Hilton: Pregnant?

During the last weekend Paris Hilton was photographed at an event held in the Spanish capital, Madrid, in a dress that made her look a bit strange. Will she pregnant?

The news has run through all media. "Paris Hilton is pregnant? Wonder everyone. Me too. Is that after seeing these photos the question looming on everyone's mind?

Paris Hilton can boast of almost never, or simply never, have looked an abdomen with a few extra pounds. However, in Spain, the heir is left photograph showing a slight bulge in her belly. A baby is being formed there?

It would be strange to see Paris Hilton in the role of mother. But it is not impossible. To the photos we may have to start making us the idea of seeing Paris changing diapers with her boyfriend, businessman CY West’s.

If the news is true so that congratulations. If not, congratulations as well. Guess is that Paris do not want a pregnancy now, do you think so?