Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Prince Harry in Berlin her Children are just as honest heart.

Child's mouth does wisdom reason: Gahnn! There is the small just simply tired and there is even such a hot prince from the currently very cold England not change it. Prince Harry has a heart for children and for the reason he was at the weekend on the same charity gala in Berlin, where He was awarded the "Golden Heart" award for his commitment. What Harry is so honest? For several years he has been actively promotes AIDS orphans in Africa and even helped several weeks to build a children's home. Not only with donations but also with his own hands!

"Ihh fingers away from my knees ..."

That impressed the Pottschalk already! A prince, who tackles really well again and say that I am still naive, but I told him from accepting his role really is. As a royal scion, it was among his "innate" obligations to operate igrendwie charitable, but really seems to be his heart and soul into it. Over 15 million € were at the fundraiser, "A Heart for Children" and collected it from Gibts Pottschalk a double thumbs up. A high also for Prince Harry, because I find not only good because he does good convincing, but because I hold him still "outrageously" sexy think. Can anyone ever understand? No matter, said Graf has Pottschalk from G to less competition after all ... AY

"Prrffft, then just do not ..."