Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rihanna and Matt Kemp

"In October the two were still a couple ..."

We have long had Rihanna and Matt Kemp not seen together and there was only a matter of time before the first separation rumors arise naturally. However, the two really not a couple more? Officially, there was no statement to both. However, chatted again an ominous Insider chatted go to the U.S. magazine that Rihanna and Matt Kemp for weeks separate ways.

He had allegedly not feel it had more to travel constantly behind her. They now their "Christmas vacation" spent alone on her home island of Barbados "had to speak, of course, for this rumor. Other sources even claimed that the two had cheated each other but then at least Rihanna was one of the few stars who have made it "silently" to be unfaithful. Of all things, women should be smart because yes, I could read in one of your comments.

Meanwhile, they should have but the separation process quite well and that it is therefore now become a lesbian, I would doubt very much time. Finally, it could also be bisexual. As this rumor has been transformed at all? Rihanna gave her bodyguard a kiss on the cheek and was the the lucky lady the paparazzi her breasts, which some people suggested irrgeleitete well as a public confession of love. The Pottschalk estimates the current rumors in the following way: "Rihanna separately - most likely true, Rihanna has an affair with her bodyguard - Total nonsense!"