Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Setting Up Camp

It's killing me that Chris is getting to hang in NC during the week and getting things in order at the house. I am so anxious to get there and help with the unpacking and setting up! Yesterday he sent me a picture of Samantha's big girl bed. I sent him down this week with the bedding we chose for her (she actually got to make the final choice). We are moving her to a big girl bed when we get there, and she is very excited. She was practically jumping up and down when she saw this photo! Just to start out we are going to have her sleep on a mattress on the floor, and then she'll graduate to a bed off the floor. This bed isn't quite complete, as we are waiting for a pillow sham to arrive, and when we put the bed up on a frame, a bed skirt will enter the picture as well. Hopefully Samantha will be just as excited about it when she is actually sleeping in the bed!