Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taylor Momsen: No more link IMG

The famous model agency IMG has announced that they no longer represent the controversial actress of “Gossip Girl "because of the attitudes that she has shown lately.

IMG is a world-famous modeling agency, with which Taylor Momsen has signed a contract three years ago to represent it. But that relationship has ended. Is that the heads of IMG, the behavior of Taylor in recent months has been too controversial and therefore, has decided not to go more with the actress.

No one knows the exact reasons for the break but it seems that one of the behavior "bizarre" the actress that IMG has taken into account in making that decision, has been the one that occurred in October this year, when Taylor , in a presentation live in New York, photographed her bare breasts.

Who will replace Taylor Momsen? Although not necessarily a replacement, the agency has decided to hire the actress Dakota Fanning. The completely radically change.