Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thieves enter house of 50 Cent

Yesterday, the rapper 50 Cent Were about to leave Without a penny, Because Some thieves Entered historical luxury mansion , But good luck to him, Not Taking money, But ended up with Other Things.

The mansion of 50 Cent in Connecticut yesterday WAS Attacked by Two Men Who Entered That Was through to door unlocked. Have their disposal at all the money That Keeps the rapper at historical home, the criminals Decided to take Other Things. Did someone say "jewelry"? Not really. The two people Who Entered the house 50 Cent chose to Satisfy Their Need to smoke weed.

Yes it amazing but it is true. Not Only that but also apart from the grass that robbed the rapper, Also Open a bottle of wine, Which Took the luxury bar 50 Cent.

As we all must assume, in the end, ended up totally drunk, Hallucinating and arrested by police. Now, you have to see if they were Arrested for HAVING Enter the house, or for being so stupid.