Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens "Ouch!" It was so painful at the dentist?

Before, it was determined much more painful! After the festive holidays Vanessa Hudgens had to suffer again at the dentist. Feasted too much and too little teeth cleaned? So fast that the caries is not me but that dental pain can definitely screw up a Christmas.

As you bite totally relaxed in the beautiful goose and suddenly thinks: "Aaauaaa! What's that? "Shit, either you go straight to the emergency or" bite a few days together, the teeth to the dentist of his confidence to visit.

Vanessa Hudgens probably has opted for the latter. Between Christmas and New Year, the Pottschalk would at least put no regular dentist appointment. However, our ambitious young actress, due to their tight schedule, perhaps no other choice. It really is no matter, because you do see these photos automatically pity. Ouch, ouch, but he has so bored! The Pottschalk knows only too well and hopes that Vanessa Hudgens already feeling better.