Monday, January 10, 2011

American Idol-Greetings from Bush!

Well, this is not nice or just returned from a gentleman like Bushido Pottschalk would not know what the so wearer. Finally, could the now friendlier rapper but a "GQ" award as one of the men of the past year, took home. However, this price was probably his musical ambition, not his behavior. But just as surprising was the Pottschalk that the rapper and the "Hot Banditos" Pearl were a couple times -. "Come on shake your ball, lalalalala" is such a hot potato as Fernanda Brandao is not it an erotic snaps and is just there?

This question is answered tonight on American Idol while not, but all is now "image" is shown according to how it came to these nasty allegations. The known candidate "Cosmo" is trying his luck again before the American Idol judges and gets rebuffed. Now Bush comes into play indirectly, legally, because the two are probably long been good friends, and so pulls the trained hair dresser an autograph card from his rapper buddy, whom he presented with the following words:

"I will give him a nice greeting from you. You're bad in bed. "

Oh what to do? A real gentleman would at least have roses delivered to the pot says Schalk. Fernanda Brandao was probably not quite the loving ex-intentioned messages of love and it’s not exactly enthusiastic. 3 years ago that sounded quite different, because as Bush said of Fernanda "is crass my type! The" Supposedly they should have left him at some point and then this slightly belated message really sounds like the revenge of a broken heart.Justify Full

So now what Fernanda says the words of her ex? It is dull and poorly of him, "and although her picture with the question" Was Bush the real rivets in bed, Mrs. Brandao? Such a template has delivered great, "she gets it and not countered by saying:" He I could even takes the case. He was good at. I do not say more. "Wow real" lady like "the pot said Schalk, because with such a cool answer, I did not expect ...