Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Avril Lavigne wants to be like Madonna

Always popular are singers (also actors) have a role model, the idol of idols, they want their career is as good or better than that of his idols and in this case, Avril Lavigne wants to be like Madonna .

The girl complicated you want your career to be like 'The Queen of Pop’: "I definitely see out there in 20 years" "I want to be close to the way Madonna has. She has had her life, but still maintained throughout his career, "Well, it's like you leave and come back to make a record, I'm about to do a million things and then I'll shut up and go."

As for the change: "I think it's good to change, but it's better if it is a natural progression rather than being forced."

Maybe it's a good idea to see Avril in 20 years with a career like Madonna, considering that Madonna is a legend like it or not like, besides being a woman admired by many.