Monday, January 3, 2011

Beverly Hills 90210: The first "Teen Star" celebrates 50th Birthday!

No we are not talking by the owner of "Peach Pit", or any parental person but a true-of "Teen" actress from the cult 90s series Beverly Hills 90210th it is hard to believe it, but our grind "Andrea Zuckerman" is 50 years old last week turned on. In real life she is Gabrielle Carteris and even if the photo is already a year old here, one must simply say: "It has well kept damn!"

Although she had one of the most boring roles but still I found it totally sympathetic and not least because of its super friendly smile that years after the broadcast of the first Beverly Hills 90210 episode in U.S. TV still retain almost added 20. Somehow feels the Pottschalk steinalt now, because he had not expected that its teen stars are already so fast 50th Is it because that the time has passed too fast for me?

No, because in the 90's it was usual for "teenagers" were played by 30 years. Time it was more and sometimes less believable, but in the end, the idea is not that bad, because many teen stars come easy with the early fame not clear and are totally gaga.

Whether Taylor Momsen, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus – Some how get along but not really. Therefore, the next "Hannah Montana" may be best for at least 25 and at a pinch "Tunes" to halt the true age down a bit...