Monday, January 3, 2011

Born This Way

So we wish so Lady Gaga a happy new year! A cool rocker and her bare butt with wild –maned mosch .The behind it (s) not conceal Message is: "You can tell me all the time licking the backside of All ..." but you and wants to entice Gaga.

"Born this way" is not an ass birth, but the title of her new album. Milenstein a history of music, the best album of an entire decade, a monster-like masterpiece, and so on and so forth.

With self-praise and premature praise it has in the Lady Gaga camp not hold back and soon we can finally get an own impression, because on the first single and 13:02:11 23:05:11 album "Born This Way" released.

Whether the first single "This Way" Born to be hot, too? On her Twitter account Gaga Lady wrote the following about this: "THE SONG 2 THE RECORD 5 13 11 23 11" and it was actually 2 minutes of Pottschalk strapped up, added that this is the publication of data involved. I really would be lying if I would say that I look forward to the new album by Lady Gaga'm not.

The expectations could hardly be higher and it will soon be seen whether it can meet the very ambitious goals for their third album, because with such statements as "the best album of the decade" screwed Lady Gaga expectations even higher still a lot. Well after all, the decade has begun only a few days and in 10 years, I will guarantee you this promise again hold his nose...!