Monday, January 17, 2011

Britney Spears he single "Hold It against Me",

Has risen since the crisis a few years ago, Britney Spears has won many battles: he recovered an audience that had deserted her, said good-bye to smoking and excess alcohol and put all his efforts to return the queen of top ten. But despite being first in the charts with the single "Hold It against Me", there is something that Britney has never made peace: his hair.

During his nervous breakdown, we see amazing photos of Spears shaved. And since then, the hair of Britney has never come to his senses. The girl started to wear extension of that, over the years, never bothered to hide. As it happened last Thursday when, heedless of the paparazzi, she presented with a hairstyle carelessly and with the hairline on display fake.

Spears regret that the good times to be bald, you do not have to mean that the daily fight with hair dryer and brush? All in all, it could ask for help from another colleague VIP, supermodel Naomi Campbell, surprised some time ago to manage awkwardly wigs and fake hair.

A small glimmer of common sense seems to have it invaded yesterday when, during a break in a fast-food, Britney had the wise idea to let her hair loose over her shoulders, not making very visible use of the extension. At this juncture, however, we could see a heavy Spears and worn out compared to the beautiful cover of her latest single.

As far as revealed by the Sun, however, the singer is already assigned to a strict diet so as to be fully fit for the shooting of the video, scheduled for this week under the direction of Brian Friedman's choreography. Will he make it? The fans, after all, maybe like to see these features in more human, rather than the portrait of the super-teenager 90s.