Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Britney Spears in the Grammys

Remember the last time Britney Spears gave a presentation at a ceremony like? It was in 2007 in the delivery of Awards MTV Video Music Awards. Britney Spears she through out the most embarrassing and criticized career.

Well, now there is a rumor that the singer would be performing a live presentation during delivery Grammy Awards This year, to be held on February 13 in Los Angeles. Can you imagine what will? Whether the rumor is true, I doubt it's worse than his last appearance at the VMAs. Rather, I can say I'm optimistic about the possible return Britney to the big stage.

However, best not to delude ourselves, because according to the representatives of Spears” We have not confirmed any presentation Britney in Grammy for the moment. " Maybe they are still analyzing it right, because under the current circumstances, this seems to be a precise time for Britney reappear at large, as has just released his new single "Hold it Against Me" and is about to release his new album.

What will happen? To its fans, it would be great to see her on the stage of Grammy But if things go bad, spoil all the effort that she has been doing to make this return, a wonderful. In any case, if you participate, we wish you good luck.