Saturday, January 1, 2011

Britney Spears - why 2011 will be their year!

This year is all about Britney Spears and as early as 7 January celebrates her new single "Hold it against me" world premiere. The Pottschalk could now once again hold that Ms. Spears again he totally preferable for other stars, he does not make such a huge fuss about any single releases.

But somehow I have become during their dark phase to a real fan and the "Blackout" album has really cut me from the chair. A super horny pop album with "Circus" She has continued this way very good! Last year the Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry and Rihanna in the charts alternated but 2011 is definitely the year of Britney Spears!

Her four fellow among the most successful solo artists in 2010 and since then was no more room here for Christina Aguilera.

Their "comeback" album is in the "electric-trend" gone totally destroyed, and it has a huge bescherrt flop.

The new album of Britney Spears is said to also be electronic and harder, but this way Britney has been taken as Lady Gaga still was beyond the charts. Are on my radar, and the song you were already on the "Blackout" album to hear. However, I also hope the "Hold it against me" is not hard, and thus the typical sweet and slightly naive Britney flair is lost.

There are 7 days and I can honestly say that I have this year, still waiting for any other event with so much tension. The Pottschalk looking forward hopefully, blending the first pop-Highlight 2011!!