Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Bubbles&clean car

Looking for a holiday job in Australia? A car wash in Queensland capital Brisbane is advertising some vacant positions at the moment. They're looking for backpackers and travelers who want to earn some quick big bucks at this "small and exclusive car wash".
So what's the catch? Well, this is the Bubbles'n'Babes car wash and you've gotta be topless or nude to work there. It's a response to a drought-induced water shortage that's made it illegal for Brisbanites to wash their cars at home. Topless car washes start at $50, and full nudity (and a clean car) are $100.
A few locals have been complaining about the new business, but police and the local council say nothing illegal is going on: even the job ads makes it clear there's "no hustling and no touching".
The cops did ask for a screen on the street side of the car wash though:
We don't want any traffic accidents caused by people looking at the girls instead of looking at the road.
Safe driving then, and check it out if you want to make Aussie dollars fast.