Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cheryl Cole: is beautiful

The sexy British singer has confessed in an interview that there is an actress who is capable of taking any sleep over how beautiful it is. And that is nothing but the dreams of thousands of men, i.e. Megan Fox.

Who does not look attractive Megan Fox is it just has something strange in the head. No matter whether you are male or female, sexy actress from "Transformers" will always be able to enter our minds as a kind of object of desire. A woman as provocative as it does not escape anyone's eye, or just as sexy as own Cheryl Cole.

Britain has said that if you have to think of an attractive woman that is "Megan Fox thinks it's beautiful. I know appreciate female beauty, and I really admire her because women took our time to look beautiful. "

In addition, Cheryl Share a thought that, in my opinion, is definitely true: "Women are much more beautiful than men," but then adds that we men, we can enhance that. What do you mean? If you need to show it, give me a call and take care of to change her mind.