Monday, January 3, 2011

Chloe Sevigny: Still sexy in a bikini!

Hey you get these pictures look familiar? Every year the same lyre! Any celebrity appears in a bikini and a desperate attempt Pottschalk the pretty pictures to accompany with beautiful words. Chloe Sevigny In February 2009 celebrated her bikini debut on the pillory and then it was all with different styling more flops. The first contribution was equal to the nicest, but superficial criticism and despite the lady remains an excellent actress. 8.15 No beauty, but a true character actress!

Of course, the Pottschalk already a little jealous when watching the bikini pictures of Chloe Sevigny, as it not only broader shoulders but also has a bosom. Bitch because of tit-envy? Nope some how makes no sense, but it has not, after all I have now enough lines together to present to you the third beach photo.

Filler is called in plain text and as I spice it now with a few illustrative facts. Please do not stare too long pants again, because the strips provide short or long for an optically blurred effect. Definitely not camera-compatible, but Ms.

Sevigny is indeed not the kind of celebrity that covers for the paparazzi on the beach. What else? Her bikini is indeed spotted, but still the top matches the bottom, because the carriers are in turn touched the same...