Monday, January 24, 2011

Christina Hendricks is in theGolden Globe Awards

Christina Hendricks is in the "Golden Globe Awards $ 850,000 to the Red Carpet expensive bracelet lost one.

The "Mad Men" actress had just lent the valuable piece of jewelry - from precious jeweler Chopard. The great glittering bracelet she wanted to wear at the award show in Los Angeles and then suddenly it was gone.

Christina Hendricks was so by the wind, that they even asked the photographer, Mitzusuchen: “ Have you seen a bracelet I have lost one that looks just like this one" While all the celebrities already took place in the conference hall, Christina was looking more diligently, for $ 850,000 to lose just like that, is incredible for the actress. An employee of the event found it later and it delivered. It could carry the TV star not because the cap was broken.

"It seems as if the security seal has not been closed. But both bracelets and the earrings were returned safe and sound," the spokesman Chopard told the following day.