Friday, January 21, 2011

The Darndest Things!

I often find myself looking at Samantha questioning where she would have heard something that she just said, or wondering if it really could be something that Chris or I say. I thought these two exchanges were quite funny.
  • Last week Samantha and Jake were helping me to clean up Lego's and put them away in a bag. Samantha happened to only be wearing a diaper at the time and after we were done cleaning up the Lego's, she began scratching at her chest and arms. Me: "Are you okay? You have a little itch?" Sam: "I have a little itch...(insert dramatic pause)...from that clean-up" Seriously? Feigning an allergic reaction to cleaning up? How convenient!
  • Today while the 3 of use were playing. Samantha: "Hey Everyone!" (said to me and Jake) "Let's go in my room! There's many-a-toy to play with there!"