Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elisabetta Canalis empathize perfectly

Missing about a month at the Sanremo Festival, and it seems that you are Elisabetta Canalis empathize perfectly in his new role as a presenter. Among the evidence on stage and promote the event, the beautiful showgirl has found time to pose for a photo shoot on Eva Three thousand.

Here in Elizabeth rocker version, with guitar in hand and jaunty smile. These shots show the thirty-two Sardinian very relaxed and not at all worried about her impending engagement, but we know that the stage of 'Ariston has the power to shake the knees even the most experienced professionals.

Meanwhile, as expected, are pre-checked some controversy concerning its role as the first lady of Canalis, who will share the stage with fellow Belen Rodriguez . One speaks of the absence of George Clooney , who will accompany his girlfriend in San Remo and, according to the most evil, decided to step aside as not to obscure his beautiful companion, certainly less famous than he.

Fans of the couple, however, know that George does not like to interfere with the work of Eli beautiful, perfectly able to make its own choices and go it alone even during a live and in front of a crowd of spectators eager to criticize each gesture.

For the curious, here's the official Festival spot broadcast for the first time Saturday, January 15.